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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Book Club -A Sad Day

Today I will have to say goodbye to my foundation book club members, the same ones I took to the YABBAs last week. Before Thando, Paige, Dylan, Ryan, Kristen and Selena, I was never able to get any interest. Over the last four years we have laughed, discovered exciting new writer ad book web sites, gone on excursions together to see writers, plunged our hands into new boxes of books, written reports on new, unpublished books.

I do have some interest now, some new young readers- thanks to them, since I'd given up even trying before they turned up. But these were special. They turned up regularly, not just  when the weather was bad, and tried new things. They worked on novels and asked my opinion. Kristen did a book trailer for my novel when it came out and posted it in YouTube. They hung out at my library desk for a chat when they didn't need to. They are close with each other and with me. When some of them went on school camp in Queensland last year, they came back with a handwritten card that said,"Did you miss us? We missed you!" They brought me little souvenirs which sit on my shelf at home. when Wolfborn first came out, three of them got together to make a special popup card with a wolf and a full moon on it. that, too, sits on my shelf over the TV at home.

And now they are moving on to Senior Campus. I'm proud of them all, but will miss them.

Forgive me for finishing here, but a few tears are falling.


miki said...

oh so cute, at least they aknowleged you and for any teacher that's the best reward possible

i wish them all the best

Sue Bursztynski said...

Every time I look at their little gifts I will remember them. These students are easy to love. I'm working on loving those who aren't. ;-).

Lan said...

that's really sweet of your kids to do all those things for you. I didn't realise schools in our area has different campuses. Hopefully you can all keep in touch

Sue Bursztynski said...

Yes, my school has four small campuses. We were going o be merged in a new school, but had a change of government. I should still see the kids now and then. I hope.

Dylan Cohen said...

We will miss you too...for sure. Your not only a teacher, you are a massive inspiration to us and we have all loved working with you for the past four years. Book Club has progressed heaps over four years and now a new generation is ready to take over our spots. I'm sure Natasha, Jenny, Karyn and Brayden, Taylor and Sarah, and even the new year 7's will leave you on with many exciting memories as we did. Thank you so are appreciated heaps and will always mean the world.


Sue Bursztynski said...

Aw, Dylan, I think I'm going to cry! Thank you! :-)