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Friday, November 02, 2012

Dear Teen Me Post Is Up!

My post on Dear Teen Me has gone live. If you want to see what I looked like at sixteen, here's your chance. Actually, thinking back, I was fifteen in that photo, because it was taken at my sister's engagement party and she got married the next year. There I am with my short elfish hairdo, short because I deliberately had a haircut to avoid being forced into one of those awful beehive hairdos fashionable at the time.

Deat Teen Me is a great web site. It's a book blog with a difference - it's made up entirely of letters by writers to their teenage selves and recently they published a book of seventy of the letters.

I liked doing this because it made me focus on my hopes and dreams during my teens and wonder how many of them had come to pass. Some of them did, in my case. I was that girl who was always scribbling. None of my teenage jottings were ever published, thank heaven, but it showed me my way. The acting and singing never happened; I only did one musical, at school, in which I threw myself into a rock singer's arms crying,"Let's have an OR-gy!"( hard g) . My last play was at university, though I did get to act a little in some of Helga Hill's Renaissance Dance performances, later. But the writing continued.

And for readers, it's an enjoyable way of reading a short bio of their favourite authors and many they may not have heard of, seeing inside them, so to speak.

I will be adding a link to this site shortly. Meanwhile, why not wander over and find out what I was doing in my teens, then stay to look up some others? I think I spotted at least one Aussie writer there, there may be more.

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