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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Filk song comments - thanks!

Thanks to all those who commented on my filk post! Nice to know this blog is being read, and please do come back. I am a general SF/F fan, but will certainly mention filk now and then. To the person who asked if there was a filk community in Australia - yes, sort of. It tends to happen very informally, late at night at cons, accompanied by hot chocolate, and a few years ago there was a formal filk singing performance at Aussiecon 3, our Worldcon. One of the performers was our wonderful fantasy writer, Dave Luckett. We also have a lot of fine musicians here, who simply go into the foyer at cons and jam. One of them, Anne Poore, a harpist, did a jam session with the De Lints when they were here. Charles De Lint, though, doesn't consider himself a filk singer. It's been years since I had the chance to attend a late-night filk session, though, and I don't know who is composing them. But I still listen to my tapes and sing them in the shower. :-)

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Peggi said...

Thanks for the reply re Australian filk. I have met Dave Luckett - when he was at Chicon in 2000. In fact, he appears on one of the two filk CDs produced from that Worldcon. And although Charles de Lint says he doesn't do filk, he is on a lovely filk tape entitled "Music after Midnight" (if memory serves) - which is one of Dave Clement's (a Canadian filker). Is there a collection of filk songs that you would consider representative of the filk community in Australia?