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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Treasures Found While Cleaning Up...

Okay, my home looks like a hurricane hit it! It has for a very long time. I no longer have - or need - my day job, due to the fact that I can claim my superannuation and go right on living the way I want, so I have begun a massive clean-up, so that I can finally invite family and friends to visit again.

I've been sorting stuff I want from stuff I should never have hung on to. I've sorted rubbish from recycling stuff.

And while doing all that, I've unearthed stuff I had forgotten I had. Treasure! Books I had long mislaid, such as Simon Schama's history of the French Revolution, and Jack Dann's alternative universe novel The Rebel, set in a world in which James Dean survived that car crash. I'm reading both now. My five copies of Mythic Resonance. I asked for five copies instead of payment, which was not very much.

And photos. Family ones, in which my nephews and niece and my great-nieces appear as babies and toddlers. My nephew Max's first birthday party(he's turning twenty the week after next.). Max as a toddler, smiling at the camera, being allowed to hold someone's fishing rod in Portsea. Amelia, his sister, playing on the sand or sitting on her Dad's shoulder. Mum and me in Sydney, walking across the Harbour Bridge, gazing at the Opera House and the ferry from our height, Mum with the Three Sisters behind her in the Blue Mountains.

I can't share those with you, due to privacy reasons, but I also found another treasure - a CD full of photos from the one and only time I was ever a guest of honour at a con. It was the MSFC minicon in 2011, and I was invited when the person they asked first couldn't make it. But hey, they did think of me.

Have a look at this.

I didn't even remember getting this CD -ROM, but someone must have sent it to me. Nice, eh?

This is what you get for doing a tidy-up. And there's plenty more I hope to share with you. I promised my Mum I would bring along the album into which I put those photos when I go there today. The family will be there to share and enjoy.

Have you ever found something you thought was gone for good? Or forgotten you had?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - well done on plunging in and sorting things out - so you can enjoy you retirement ... and how lovely to have all the photos etc - I hope you can get them into some type of order for the family ... cheers Hilary

PS I'd love to see the photo of you and your Ma on the Harbour Bridge - my grandfather designed it ... and one day I'll get to see it - cheers Hilary

Sue Bursztynski said...

Wow, that is an impressive ancestry! I’ll rummage in the album and take a photo of a photo.

miki said...

i'm still trying to clean the house since i lost my mother so i go slowly as it's always overwelming , so many emotions and memories ifound some pictures from when i was little ( my mother hated to be in picture so we have little) i didn't remembered the house so clean^^ now i also found some personnal paper as well about events i only heard in passing so it's really kind of a treasure hunt even if the papers i really need to find are still somewhere but not in my hand^^

Sue Bursztynski said...

Sorry to hear about your loss! Yes, it’s like a treasure hunt, isn’t it? A friend of mine has jokingly asked me how my archaeological dig is going!