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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Australia's Favourite Author 2017: Final List

Once more, Booktopia is inviting readers to vote for their favourite local authors. You don't even have to stick to one person, as they recognise you have more than one favourite. I'm pleased to say there are several children's and YA authors on this short list. I've given them my preferences, though I've also voted for one or two writers for adults, who overlap. Do vote! Whoever ends up winning will not only be happy, they will have something to add to their resume and that's important when publishers make decisions(admittedly there are some "classic" writers on the list, such as May Gibbs and Banjo Patterson, who won't care if you vote for them. I stuck to live ones). You don't, I think, have to be living in Australia to vote, at least it doesn't say so, but there is a prize of $1000 worth of books if you give them your details - I certainly did! Why not wander over and see if your favourite Aussie author is there? (There is even a Kiwi, Juliet Marillier, but she lives here)

And here is the link.You have until January 20 to vote.


Pamela said...

This Yankee voted--I hope they don't mind! Somehow I had no idea that Mem Fox was Australian--the kiddos love her books in storytime, especially Where Is The Green Sheep?. I've never seen a book render children helpless with laughter on the floor quite like that one.

Sue Bursztynski said...

I don't think they minded. If so, they would have said "Australians only". You didn't know the author of Possum Magic was Australian? Heavens, she's only one of our living national treasures! Find a copy of Possum Magic for the kids and see if you can get hold of some of the Aussie foods mentioned in it. I got a copy of Where Is The Green Sheep? to review when it came out and I agree, it's a delight. The artist, Judy Horacek, is another of our national treasures. I gave it to a colleague who had a little boy. Around that time there was also a picture book by Jackie French, Pete The Sheep. Pete is a sheep sheep - his master, Sean(pun, I suspect, intended)is a shearer who keeps him instead of a sheepdog. They run a sheep salon where sheep come to get their fleeces shorn in the most stylish manner. I gave that to the same child, whose name was Pete.