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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A New Book...After Getting Rid Of Some Old Ones!

So, yesterday, the nice gent from the Continuum committee came to pick up the approximately hundred books I was donating to the con's fundraising raffle, and my shelves headed a sigh of relief, though I still have a couple of thousand left (Andrew, the committee member, told me he had come to Melbourne from Western Australian and had had to dispose of most of his own collection before he went and still had three large packing cases of books he couldn't bear to leave behind). 

And now I've acquired a new book. Here it is.

I wouldn't have dared before, but I thought what the heck, I've disposed of a hundred books, why not get one? 

Besides, I had what I thought was $25 on my Avenue bookshop loyalty card. This gorgeous book was $50. When I arrived at the counter, the seller told me that, in fact, I had $50! Somehow I had not used the credit from 2014. Not sure how that happened, because I've shopped there in 2015, you'd think they would have noticed, but never mind. The bookshop guy basically said, what the heck, and I had a beautiful new book, free!

And it is beautiful, too. There are breathtaking paintings of characters and places from the film, and a bit of discussion about what was in them. My sister said something about how it was not good to get another book at this stage and after I'd pointed out that with a hundred books off my shelves I could afford one, she looked at it and said, "Oh! How beautiful!" She understood why I wanted it. 

Off now to have a drool.


Lexa Cain said...

I love behind the scenes looks at movies. I had a bunch of books about Jaws and Star Trek etc when I was younger plus biographies of people like Doris Day and Lauren Bacall. I bet your new book will entertain you for hours! And so lucky it was free. Can't beat that! Have a great weekend!

Sue Bursztynski said...

My favourite behind the scenes book was the one about Lord Of The Rings from the viewpoint of Andy Serkis. It wasn't just anecdotes about the filming, though there were some good ones - such as his small daughter's reaction to his Gollum make-up - "Silly Daddy!" There were detailed articles by the technical folk, which explained in layman's language how they did it and what they had in mind. In fact, it was the best book of its kind I have ever read and I bought a copy for the school library, as we teach Media Studies.