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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Two Tales Of Twins From Ancient Greece And Rome. The Audiobook

Two Tales Of Twins From Ancient Greece And Rome. Audiobook. Written and Narrated by Ursula Dubosarsky. Ill. By David Allan. Incidental music by Bevis Masson-Leach. Published Christmas Press 2015

This is the second Christmas Press audiobook.

I reviewed this title when it first came out. You can read the original review here

They are the stories of Apollo and Artemis(Greece) and Romulus and Remus(Rome). I've always thought that audiobooks are a separate thing from reading books. It's not for nothing that they are so often read by well-known actors. Stephen Fry, for example, reading Harry Potter, and Tony Robinson reading Terry Pratchett books. They are someone else's interpretation of the story and an entertainment in their own right. I rarely listen to an audiobook I haven't read, for that reason(the only exception is Georgette Heyer's novel Sylvester, beautifully read by Richard Armitage, but then that man could read the telephone directory and I'd love it!).

And sometimes the author reads their own book; Neil Gaiman is such a wonderful reader that if he wasn't a writer he could be an actor. Graeme Base is another of that kind. Douglas Adams was the perfect reader of the Hitchhiker's Guide novels.

In this case, author Ursula Dubosarsky has just the right comfortable "Mum" voice to read her children's picture storybook, and the music by Bevis Masson-Leach complements it beautifully.  

It's seventeen minutes long, just right for an evening reading before the little ones go to bed(once they're in bed, needless to say, parents should do their own reading!)

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