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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Awesome Book Of Awesomeness by Adam Frost. Ill. Dan Bramall. London:Bloomsbury 2014


So, have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone bitten turned into a vampire who then bit more people? I know I have, whenever I see those vampire movies or read a book on the subject. How long before the undead starved to death? What's the world's most preyed-upon animal? (The rabbit. And this book gives you a depressingly long list of the rabbit's enemies, apart from us.) what are the five most common dreams? One of them, being late for an exam, is mine - well, actually, it's more often having to sit an exam for which I haven't studied, but still...

This book is a smaller, cheekier version of the Guinness Book Of Records, the kind a child can take home and enjoy by themselves instead of heaving it off the shelves in the library at lunchtime. And there's more than just "world's largest gemstone" (a 536 kilo emerald displayed in Hong Kong in 2009) or "the world's loudest burp" (expelled by Paul Hunn in the UK, AUGUST 2009, a staggering 109.9 decibels, a lawn mower being only 105). There's "how hot is a chilli pepper on the Scoville scale?" And "Who pulled a 1500 kg car with his eyelids?" And more. 

Children will love this little book of trivia and Dan Bramall's delightful illustrations complement the bits of trivia perfectly.

Absolutely recommended for children of all ages, if they can pry it out of your fingers.

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