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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Look What I Got In The Mail! Juliet Marillier's Latest!

I know this has been out for months in ebook, but my policy is not to review ebooks, because I can't put them on my library shelves, so I held out for the print copy, and Juliet is actually happy with the arrangement, because we had the interview back then and now I can promote the paperback just when it will do the most good.

She actually has two stories on the Ditmar shortlist this year, which is nice - Prickle Moon and one based on her favourite fairytale Vasilissa The Wise. Both are good. If you're eligible to vote, you have till 11.59 pm next Wednesday, so get a move on.

It's strange to think I knew nothing of her but her name till two students asked for the latest in her Sevenwaters series and I bought the lot, because others might want to read them. Then I had an offer for an interview(done by my student Thando, now in Year 12) and I got a review copy of her standalone Beauty And The Beast novel, Heart's Blood. It was a wonderful version of the story, set in mediaeval Ireland, where women had a lot more rights than in other countries and her Beauty character could be a scribe, working on a summer job at the Beast's castle. 

This trilogy is wonderful too, and I'm looking forward to reading the final volume. The last two covers have been much better than the first, which was lovely but rather too juvenile for its intended audience. I still haven't been able to persuade anyone at my school to read it, dammit!

Will get back to you with my review sometime very soon!

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