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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recent Downloads - from Wodehouse to Russon!

I really need to stop doing this. But I read a blog post that mentions a book that sounds interesting and I just have to look and see if it's available in iBooks.

I have downloaded some PG Wodehouse short story collections. They're public domain and I love  Wodehouse, so funny!

Tank Boys by Stephen Dando-Collins is somewhere in my review pile, but couldn't unearth it, after tidying my books away, so I bought the ebook. It's a WWI tale of a famous tank battle, seen from both Ausse and German viewpoints.

Penni Russon's Undine - although set by the sea, in Tasmania, it's not really about the sea. The title is the heroine's name and her father is Prospero Marine, and there are quotes from The Tempest, but her powers don't seem to be connected with water.

Keith Stevenson's first issue of Dimension 6 - stories by Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash and Jason Nahrung. No wonder I didn't get a story in. The authors were paid, but  it's free for download on the Coeur De Lion Press website, so go grab it while you can.

David Malouf's Johnno(hey, it was his birthday! And it's pretty much historical fiction, so what the heck!)

Consider The Fork by Bee Wilson, a history of cooking implements and how we eat. Good fun!

A book about Eleanor Butler, Edward IV's secret wife before he committed bigamy with Elizabeth Woodville. It's Eleanor: The Secret Queen by John Ashdowne Hill.

A Tom Swift book.

Oh, lots more! I do love my ereader!

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