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Thursday, March 27, 2014



This morning I received the email below from Edwina Harvey, my colleague on the Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Association. I've known Edwina for years, long before she persuaded me to join.

I wasn't in the first wave, but the second - at this stage, there are only a few of the original members left. Most found that Real Life got in the way or started their own small presses, like Tehani Wessely, who has been interviewed on this site and who says she served her apprenticeship as a publisher with us. Most of them are still slushing for us, even if they're not actively involved.

But as people come and go, we find we need fresh blood, new enthusiasm. Right now, we have a newer member happily editing an issue of ASIM and doing very well.

You do have to pay to be a member - that's how we pay our contributors, not to mention the printing and posting costs - but membership includes a subscription. A print subscription! Which reminds me, we're the last print spec fic magazine in Australia, though we also offer PDF, mobi and ePub versions.

"Gee, I'd like to join," you may be thinking,"but I live in the US/UK/Treasure Island."

Fear not! Since we went from co-op to association, you don't even have to live in Australia any more. Also, we do everything, including meetings, online.

So read the email below and if you decide that you'd like to have a go at publishing instead of complaining that publishers just don't understand your brilliant work, make contact. (And for those out there who are thinking of self publishing, what better way to learn the ropes?)

The ASIM crew - this could be YOU!

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is regularly published by the Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Association.
Members of the Association contribute an annual fee of $100 (part of which converts to a 12 month paper subscription to the magazine) , and their time and skills to produce the magazine.

For close to 12 years, ASIM has provided a paying semi-pro market to established and budding authors from around the world. We're rather proud of the number of first sales we've given new authors over that time, but we need more enthusiastic people to get involved to keep the magazine going.

If you're interested in  learning what goes on behind-the-scenes in producing a paper and e-format magazine; if you want to get experience as a proof reader, sub-editor or editor;  if you've  got web or marketing skills, if you're willing to go to conventions and popculture events to promote and sell the magazine, AND ESPECIALLY  if you have or are looking to get experience in IN DESIGN for magazine layout, WE NEED YOU!

As the ASIM Association works on line, membership is open to anyone anywhere.  Contact me offline ( if you want to discuss joining ASIM.

POSITION VACANT: If you are a LAY OUT ARTIST with experience in IN DESIGN who would be willing to be one of our layout artists on a voluntary (no financial remuneration, but you wouldn't be expected to pay an annual fee either) basis, please contact us (email address as above). ASIM is produced quarterly, and like the rotating editorship, it's hoped that the position of layout artist could be shared.

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