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Monday, August 12, 2013

Will Kostakis In The Western Suburbs!

Today my school will be honoured by a visit from young writer Will Kostakis, who is in town launching his new book and offered to visit us. Two of my book clubbers, Priyanka and Emily, are reading his novels. I've bought three copies of The First Third, the new one, in preparation for the demand I'll have after his talk, and Literacy may buy some for their program.

Both girls are, so far, enjoying his books. Emily said, "Goodness, there are a lot of Greek words in it!" Of course there are, since the book is, in many ways, about being Greek, as well as about family. I'm not Greek, but I recognised the family relationships, though I admit I don't have a gay brother and have never known my grandmother. But the family closeness is very recognisable.

Priyanka is liking Loathing Lola, the book written when the author was a teenager. I liked it too, and said so at the time it came out(see my post, some time in October 2007). It was funny and serious at once and showed a wisdom you wouldn't have expected from a boy of that age, whom you would expect to be wanting to be on a reality show himself rather than sending them up.

Anyway, let's see how he goes with our students. I've ordered lunch from the canteen and bought a small edible gift for our guest, which will be presented by two students, along with a card. The press will be attending. Well, there will be a photographer from one local paper, anyway, and another said I could supply them with a photo and a press release. The camera is in my bag, as I can't get a good shot with my iPad or my phone, alas, and the school camera keeps dying on you after a few shots, even with a new battery.

I have let the students know he's coming and will be bringing books for sale. Some of them should be able to afford it and for the rest I've made up mini-posters to be signed; if you put them on school books and diaries, that makes great publicity for the author.

Hopefully, a great day!

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miki said...

I would have ben so happy to see an author like that coming to my school ( we got none^^)he sounds really friendly and thus i wish him a lot of success^^