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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dear Internet Hackers

Dear Hackers,

Please get a life. You have no friends or you wouldn't waste your time and everybody else's trying to get into people's accounts. If you're that good with computers, do something useful and help people in your lives to solve problems. You might actually make some friends then - not the online kind you meet  on Facebook, but real people who might be willing to hang out with you, instead of disrupting other people's lives just because you can't make a go of your own.

Or turn off your computers altogether and get out into the fresh air. Play sport. Go for a walk. Join a club. You never know, you might make some real friends, even fix their computer problems and get their  respect and admiration instead of their anger and hatred.

Again I have had to change my password, this time to block some loser in South America. Get a life, kid, whoever you are. You couldn't possibly have anything against me, you don't even know me, and there's no money in it, as there is for spammers. You just want to show off how smart you are.

You aren't. You're just a total, complete loser. Grow up!

And having wasted a morning fixing things up, I will go and do some real-life stuff. With real friends, the kind you don't have.

A cranky author.

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