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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spam comments

They're smart, these spammers. Sometimes I get gibberish in the "moderate comments" section, but today I seem to have had a comment that looked legitimate, even if it was above a link which I assumed was the person's blog. When clicked, it took me to a web site advertising essays that they would do for you in a particular subject. You pay, they write your assignments for you. And if this had been published and left there, there would have been a link from my site to theirs.

I thought I had the spam comments sorted, but it seems not. I deleted the comment and my reply and I won't do the spammer the honour of mentioning what the web site was.

One of my students, who has set up a blog for English and has kept it up must have some sort of malicious software invading his site, because every time I visit it, it redirects to an advertising site.

I will have to tell the poor kid about it and see if there's some way he can log in and do something in the settings to fix it.

And I was so proud of the work he had done.


Morva Shepley said...

That's so sad for the kid.

My wicked side is trying to think of a way to make spammers pay for spamming us:Maybe a robot (because I don't want to waste my own time doing this) that tracks back and tells the spammer they now owe $$$ to the site they spammed. :O

Sue Bursztynski said...

What a good idea! Unfortunately, there's no way to enforce this, because there are so many of them and a lot of them are outside our country.