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Friday, October 02, 2009

Comments and Spam

I don't get many comments, though I know plenty of people are reading my blog, due to my "invisible" counter. (Until I got the counter, I was wondering if anyone ever checked out my site!) Sometimes I get a comment with a name on it; mostly, for some reason, the most innocuous comments are added anonymously. Don't know why - do you think I'm going to sue you? Or stalk you? :-)

I do prefer to have people name themselves, but I have published a number of anonymous comments - only one was rejected, because it was having a personal go at someone whose book I had reviewed and that's not what this site is for.

However, today I came across four "comments" on the moderation page and guess what? They were all spam. So as of now, those of you who do want to comment - and I do urge you to do so, even if you disagree with me - will have to put your names on your comments. I have changed my settings so that the ID is necessary. I have a burning hatred of "direct marketing". Especially when the "direct marketers have bought their lists from people who had no right to sell them my personal information.

From here on, any comments will hopefully be real ones.


Anonymous said...

I find that the spam is easy enough to pick out, even without a real name attached. There's always a generic greeting, something like "Great blog, loved this post!" The link follows soon after. "Look at my blog/product/pill, maybe it'll help with what you do!"

Anyway, Sue, would you mind if I added you to my list of blog links? Chances are you don't remember me, I'm the young fellow behind the counter at Of Science and Swords on Elisabeth st :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Chris! Yes, I picked out the spam comments easily enough. I just didn't want them there. Please feel free to add my blog as a link and let me know when you get your new blog address and I will do the same - a link to a science fiction bookshop is perfect for this site and for anyone in Melbourne who reads this, I can recommend Of Science And Swords - small, but fannish in flavour and the folk there know about SF.

Ruzkin said...

Hi Sue!
I've added you to my link list at Slowly building up a list of fellow-minded folk in Aus and NZ!