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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hi Jenny G!

Thanks, Jenny! You're not the first one to say Phryne Fisher is too perfect and you won't be the last. I treat it as delightful fantasy, which is why I started reading the series in the first place - to get away! And I bet that's why Kerry writes them. She has too many real-life legal clients who have real problems. Escaping to 1928, with a heroine who is rich, beautiful, clever and in control, is absolutely fair enough. Not to mention that Phryne Fisher eats all sorts of yummy stuff without ever putting on weight and looks great in designer clothes - I'll be in that!

While I was waiting for my autographed copy, I chatted with an old man behind me in the queue who said the historical background was absolutely spot on.

Corinna Chapman is a lot more like Kerry in build and in personality - she loves to cook and to bake and is sensible, but has a sense of fun. At the same time, those are fantasy too; I'd move into Insula tomorrow if it existed, and who wouldn't want Corinna's yummy boyfriend who looks like Angel? And oh, that chocolate shop around the corner and the fascinating neighbours and the magic shop run by a real witch... Yeah, that's my kind of fantasy.

I think they have put some of Linda Short's (may she rest in peace) stuff on CD - better check the web site - but this one I did because it was a personal thing, not one of her official tapes, and I hated to see it get corrupt and disappear. I do still have a tape recorder, but I'd rather feel safe!

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